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The 50th Anniversary Memorial Assembly (2018.6.16)
HYOGO WORLD YOUTH celebrated its 50th anniversary on the 16th of June 2018. On exactly the same day of 50 years before (Sunday, 16th of June 1968), a group of youth in their 20’s who returned from their friendship trip abroad, established “Hyogo Division, Federation of World Youth" in Kobe.
Thereafter, we have organised and successfully performed a number of grass-root events over 50 years in co-ordination with governmental bodies and local cities.
At early stages when a trip abroad was not as common as it is now, our main activities were international visit exchanges. We used to receive visits of various groups mainly from European and Asian countries; students, school teachers, musicians, athletes, youth leaders, etc. Currently, we focus on exchange programmes with overseas students in Kobe as you could see in this website.
Our surroundings in the world have drastically changed globally and bilaterally over the 50 years.
The 4th Hyogo International Forum (2018.11.18)
However, in any situation, the person-to-person friendship is the essential factor for the mutual understanding and for the world peace. We are determined to keep on our mission in future.
Join us, accompany your friends, and expand your experience in Japan. Tell your followers in your neighbours, when you go back home, that HYOGO WORLD YOUTH is always here to welcome you in Kobe.